Welcome to Mon Rituel, where the beauty regimen is transformed into a treasured time of purity and tranquility.

Release, Relax, Unwind

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Holistic care - a complete regimen that is for everyday well - being.

High quality skin care products and essential oils are carefully selected to each individual's need to rebalance your skin and soul to create harmony and peace.

All treatments are tailored to each person's needs.

We are green spa concept. Linens and towels used for treatments are made from organic cotton. Most disposable tools used for treatments are biodegradable.  No Petroleum, artificial dyes, or synthetic fragrances is used. 

"If nature were not beautiful, it would not be worth knowing, and if nature was not worth knowing, life would not be worth living."

- Henri Poincare

Kiki Nakajima - Owner/Esthetician

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 60 min.facial - A personalized facial treatment.

After a detailed consultation, we cleanse and exfoliate your face followed by extraction (if needed & optional).

Next we massage your face for relaxation and apply a mask to hydrate your skin.

we end the session with a light hand and scalp massage - $97


90 min facial - same as 60 mins facial plus

Additional mask and reflexology.



Prenatal Facial

Compltete Chemical-free facial.  All facial process is done by hands and natural ingredients.

60 min - $79



Back Facial

60 mins facial -  on your back.

We'll take care of your blind side while you relax and unwind  $83


Thankful Indulgence

Deep relaxation face, neck and shoulder massage with a hydration face cream. Enjoy a hand and feet massage while the cream is sealed with a hydration mask.

Complete the session with a scalp massage.

60min  - $87

Thankful Indulgence - LUXE  

90min - $103

A relaxing facial massage treatment.  We start with a hydrating face cream massage applying gentle pressure around your eyes to ease the tension.  The cream works to protect your skin from the harsh dry winter air. Enjoy a hand and foot massage while the cream is sealed with a hydrating mask.  We complete the session with a stress-relieving scalp massage.

With the "LUXE" upgrade, we are adding a detailed toning, anti-aging face massage, neck and shoulders massage, and finally a deep head massage.  

(This is not a facial, extraction, or exfoliation. It is simply a deep massaging of your face, neck, and shoulders.)


Hot stones may be added for deeper relaxation.


Body Treatments

Aroma Reflexology - 60 min/$65

One of the most popular services we offer, a reflexology session with a customized choice of essential oils to massage the pressure points in your feet, hands, and scalp.  This 60 min session helps you to completely unwind and relaxed.  

Aroma Reflexology - PLUS 75min/$75

The "PLUS" adds an extra 15 mins of deep head massage, therapeutic neck and shoulder massage.

A total of 75 mins of triggering pressure points will help clear your mind, body, and soul.


(This service is not available for ladies who are pregnant because of the pressure points)



The Stress Melt Treatment - 60min 

The Stress Melt Treatment is a light touch massage focused on massaging your tight neck & shoulders with your choice of essential oils to relax and unwind. Complete the ritual with a hand and foot/leg massage. 

Single Session $75


Add - ons (10 min. each)

May Special

  • Hand treatment - $13  (Eco-Fin moisturizing hand mask)

  • Foot Treatment - $15 (Scrub & Eco-Fin Mask)

  • Reflexology - $13

  • Scalp massage - $9 ( With hot oil $13)

  • Eyezone treatment - $13 (Massage around the eyes with hot stones, then using cooling Yonka Phyto contour eye cream mask to firm and refresh. Great for dark circles and puffiness under eyes)

  • Ampoules skin booster with Ultra Sonic - $20 

  • (Vital C, DNA, Swiss Collagen or Hyaluronic Acid)

  • Microdermabrasion - $20 (Not available between Memorial Day to Labor Day) 

  • Hydrodermabrasion - $30

  • Additional AHA / BHA Deep Peel Exfoliant - $20

Minty Indulgence - 60min ($89)

After a mint face deep cleanse, your face, neck and shoulder are massaged with Yonka Rosemary cream.  A deep face massage along the temple to jaw line releases tension. (Highly recommended for guests who grind their teeth or have migraine headaches) Seal the invigorating nutrients with a soothing peppermint mask to help you relax and breathe.  While your mask sets, you'll enjoy a hand massage.  The final touch is a good long, 15 minute, head massage to release the tension from your scalp. Your mind will drift away in serenity.

The scalp massage can be a dry massage or with hot oil.  Special tonic and amples are available as add-ons, to boost your scalp treatment if you have any request to target concerns such as hair loss.


Super Minty Indulgence - 90min ($125)

Make that into a facial! Everything the same as the 60min session, plus adding skin peel and extraction.  This session will include a cool eye-zone treatment to soothe under eye puffiness with cooling stones.

This 90min session comes with two masks, while your skin enjoys a pH balancing sheet mask, your feet will enjoy some reflexology!



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